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“Not using Oregano essential oil for more than a certain number of days was kind of a myth that picked up speed before doTERRA.

I’m not sure if it was just from a misunderstanding of the biology of essential oils or because of the amount of adulteration and truly unsafe oils on the market. But whatever the reasons, they don’t apply to doTERRA’s Oregano.
doTERRA’s Oregano is safe to use as long as we need and for some that is every day for a long time.
Here are some of the main concerns and why they don't apply:
Gut flora. Oregano doesn’t kill off gut flora; oils are biologically intelligent and selective in how they interact with other organisms. They can differentiate between harmful organisms and healthy ones.
The Liver. Our oils are gentle and supportive with the liver- slipping past the cells and detoxing on their way through, not coming in like a wrecking ball in the way pharmaceuticals do.
•One of the faulty thought processes that often leads to a unfounded fear of Oregano is this, “oils are a strong medicine just like pharmaceuticals and therefor they are hard on the liver and shouldn’t be taken internally and/or shouldn’t’ be used long term.”
The problem here is that essential oils are NOT like pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are almost always petroleum based which immediately makes them hard on the body. Essential oils are carbon based- just like us! Our bodies know just how to use them. Our cells express receptors that oils bind to perfectly to be active at the surface of the cell as well as within the cell, while a petroleum based synthetic pharmaceutical will never bind perfectly with our cell receptors. It’s fascinating science.
So all that to say this... doTERRA’s Oregano is perfectly good to use as long as you need it.
And consider this… There are some things that just take longer. In fact, there are many things that are going to take months to fully leave the body. To get the results so many of us are looking for we need to approach our oil use with consistency for the long term and that starts with understanding and trusting their work in the body.
I wish I could share here the stories of full recovery from various conditions however, the laws surrounding natural products don’t allow for that, so ask. Ask in your oil education groups, ask the people that shared oils with you, find the people that are living proof of the safety and efficacy of these oils and be courageous in your own use, allow for powerful stories to form in your own family and community. Let’s dispel this oil myth together ❤️”Farrah Collver, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Dr. Hill has recently debunked the myth that doTERRA Oregano can only be used for 10 days. Learn more about all the amazing benefits and uses of Oregano essential oil:

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