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Welcome to the 10 day Healthy Daily Habits challenge! I am so excited you’re joining us for the next 10 days.


Congratulations on making the commitment to be here! This is a big step into learning about the foundational daily routines for living the doTERRA lifestyle. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have your participant workbook printed and ready to go. You can print this from home or use a print shop, like FedEx Kinkos. If you don’t have your workbook printed yet, snag it here:


The other thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with lymphatic exercise. Watch this YouTube tutorial to learn how to do it and also why it's so important to your health. This lymphatic exercise is part of your morning checklist. This simple practice is so easy you can even do it while washing dishes or waiting in line at the bank. →


We recommend you review 2 posts per day. Be sure to find your daily checklists in your workbook so you can follow along with us! I’ll be walking you through all of our daily routines later today in a live video. Before we get too deep into the content, I’d love for us to have a starting point for moving forward in this challenge.


Here at doTERRA, we use a Wellness Assessment to gauge change as we make efforts to transform our daily routines. I invite you now to flip to page 5 to take your first wellness assessment in this challenge. If you feel comfortable, share your results in the comments and let us know which areas you want to improve in the most! We are in this together and want to cheer each other on!

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