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Congrats; you’ve made it to day 10! I hope you have learned some amazing things about your body this week and established some great foundational routines to help promote your new, healthy lifestyle.

Remember, this is just the beginning. This challenge was designed to introduce you to some of our most popular and life-changing products, but from here you can layer on your own specific daily oils and supplements to meet your personal health concerns and goals.

In the beginning of this challenge, we invited you to take the doTERRA vitality assessment to gauge where you stood in a couple aspects of your health. At this time, I invite you to go back to page 5 and retake the assessment now that you have completed this 10 day challenge.

What has shifted for you? What hasn't? Where do you want to do more work? What breakthroughs have you had? Please share in the comments with us!

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