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Have you wondered why we created a checklist, then made 10 exact same copies of it? Why didn’t we just make one outline of the daily tasks for you to print and put on your fridge? To put it simply, checklists make people feel good. Checking things off a list brings a sense of accomplishment and pride, especially when paired with SMART goals. When we experience even small amounts of success, our brains release dopamine, which is connected to feelings of pleasure, learning, and motivation. When we feel the effects of dopamine, we’re eager to repeat the actions that resulted in that success in the first place. Neuroscientists refer to this as “self-directed learning.”

Let’s talk about SMART goals and how we have implemented them into this challenge. You’ll notice everything in this challenge follows the SMART goal guidelines (This will be very familiar to any of you that took Body Back transformation with me:)).

● Specific - Be specific with an exact outcome or goal.

● Measurable - Don’t be vague. “I want to be better at doing laundry” isn’t as good as “I will do laundry twice per week”

● Attainable - Make sure it’s something you know you actually have the capacity to do.

● Realistic - Don’t go overboard or stretch the end outcome too much. Push yourself but stay realistic.

● Time-bound - Set a specific time frame for completion or follow up.

Completing your daily checklist items actually FUELS you to keep going and can help you feel more accomplished! Make sure you’re checking back here daily to encourage others and show off your wins!

Tell us below about one of your SMART goals.

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