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The CDC has stated that up to 95% of Americans have at least one vitamin deficiency. Rather than thinking “you are what you eat,” think about “you are what you ABSORB.”


In this previous post, you might have caught onto the keyword “BIOAVAILABILITY.” But what the HECK does that mean? Bioavailability of a food, supplement, or other consumable item is judged by how readily your body identifies, absorbs, and puts that nutrient to work. Most commercial vitamins and supplements are made from synthetics, and your body simply just doesn’t know what to do with these items. Since doTERRA LLV is whole food, it is very absorbable and bioavailable. Let’s talk a little more about what makes LLV unique.


CHELATION - Chelation refers to bonding, which occurs through combining inorganic minerals with organic compounds for a specific purpose. That purpose, in regards to dietary supplements, is optimum absorption and bioavailability. While several different organic compounds may be used, most supplements containing chelated minerals utilize protein molecules because research has shown that the human body is effective at absorbing individual amino acids. When bonded to an amino acid, it is believed that specific minerals do not break down as readily in the digestive process and are more effectively absorbed and shuttled to their target cells. LLV delivers several minerals in chelated form that usually have poor absorption, including chromium, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc.


FULL-SPECTRUM - Full-spectrum is a simple concept in dietary supplementation that means taking advantage of what Mother Nature has provided to promote optimum health. Full-spectrum ingredients, in terms of dietary supplements, refer to compounds that are provided in their entirety, not as isolated constituents, so that natural ratios are not affected. Microplex VMz uses full-spectrum ingredients whenever possible, including provitamin A carotenoids and vitamin E tocopherols.


GLYCOPROTEIN - The use of the patented glycoprotein matrix process combines the best of nature with the most current nutritional science to increase bioavailability. In creating a glycoprotein compound, individual vitamins are introduced to a culture of lactobacillus (a type of bacteria that lives in the human digestive system and is known to have some beneficial effects) and yeast. The vitamin or mineral is bonded into the protein matrix as the yeast metabolizes, creating a compound that is more efficiently assimilated by the digestive system. This process is used to deliver highly bioavailable sources of vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B12, niacin, vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid in Microplex VMz.


Have you been diligent in taking your LLV this week? What impact on your health do you see when you are regularly supplementing your diet?

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