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When we think about digestion, we often think that it starts and ends in our tummy and gut. Right?! WRONG. Digestive health impacts many other aspects of your health, from emotions and mental well-being to cardiovascular and kidney health. The environment in your digestive system is called your gut biome. Think about it as the starting place a healthy-- or unhealthy-- foundation. This is why keeping your good gut bacteria balanced with PB Assist+ Probiotics is super important!

Some kinds of bad gut bacteria may be a part of the link cholesterol has to heart disease. When you eat foods like red meat or eggs, those bacteria make a chemical that your liver turns into something called trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO). TMAO may help cholesterol build up in your blood vessels, and too much TMAO can also lead to chronic kidney disease. People who have kidney disease don’t get rid of TMAO like they should. A surplus in TMAO can also lead to heart disease.

Additionally, gut health can impact your emotions. Your brain sends messages all over your body. Researchers believe your gut has the ability to “talk back” to your brain. Studies show that the balance of bacteria in the gut microbiome may affect your emotions and the way your brain processes information from your senses, like sights, sounds, flavors, or textures. Scientists suspect that changes in your gut biome balance may play a role in conditions like autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, and depression, as well as chronic pain.

Did you know an unhealthy balance in your gut microbiome can also be a cause of that extra weight you’re hanging on to? An unbalanced gut biome may cause crossed signals from your brain, specifically the signals that tell you if you’re feeling hungry or full. Researchers think there may be a link to the pituitary gland, which makes the hormones that help tell your body when it’s full, and when it’s time to eat. If the pituitary gland is off, it can also impact your gut bacteria.

Are you starting to see how this is all one big cycle? Gut health isn't just about digesting food and making sure you're going to the bathroom; it impacts all your body systems and overall well being.

Share your favorite thing you learned about gut health below!

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