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When we think about moving our bodies and exercising, we think that people do it to shed pounds, tone muscle, or change their body in some way. However, research shows that exercise has more of an impact than just how we look.

While it may not seem obvious, physical activity plays an important role in developing the brain and supporting essential mental functions. Research shows that regular, moderate intensity exercise can increase the size of the hippocampus, an area of the brain involved with learning and memory. Exercise also helps release growth factors, chemicals in the brain that affect the growth and survival of new brain cells, as well as blood vessels in the brain.

Physical activity can also help maintain a healthy state of mental well-being. The brain releases endorphins during exercise that help to improve mood, energy levels, and even sleep. Together, these positive effects can improve self-confidence and resilience.

So although exercise plays an important role in your physical health, it also keeps you strong and healthy while impacting focus, memory, energy, sleep, and emotional health, too! It’s so important to make time to move your body every day.

How are you planning to move your body today?

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