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I hope by now you have seen the recurring theme that we have presented to you throughout this challenge. Wellness and health is not a one-stop shop. Your body is super interconnected with itself and all aspects of your health impact one another. We have spent the first 8 days talking about different aspects of your physical health and the layers of the doTERRA wellness pyramid. Emotional health, however, is the backbone of everything. When you are healthy emotionally, you have the will and fortitude to make changes that improve physical health. When your mental health is poor, your physical health will often follow.


It’s very important to be aware of your emotions and able to manage them effectively. At doTERRA, we have an emotions wheel that can help with this. You can download it and read more here:


Using emotional support blends like Balance can be a great way to support your body and mind through an array of daily emotions. As we have talked about before, hormones and stress impact other physical body functions like sleep or metabolism. Experiencing emotion is a natural and normal part of being a human. How we deal with the daily emotions and let them impact us is what draws the line between a healthy or unhealthy state of mental well-being.


Uncap your Balance blend right now, take a deep breath of it, and tell us below what it makes you think about.

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