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It may seem easy to sit here and post about taking care of your body emotionally, but we know it’s hard. As with all changes and routines, you have to be committed and continue to make it part of your daily habits. Everyone enjoys different activities and has different outlets for stress. Here are some of our favorite recommendations to maintain healthy emotions.

  • Take moments of peace - Meditate, do some light yoga, or simply sit in quiet and practice deep breathing while feeling your chest. Be in the moment. Try not to be distracted by other things like to do lists, noises, or other tasks. Quiet alone time is so important to be able to stay in touch with our bodies. There are many yoga and meditation channels you can find on YouTube. Check it out!
  • Dance or listen to music - Music has been shown to be super therapeutic and can majorly impact your mood. Listen to some of your favorite jams while in the shower, making meals, driving in the car, or at your desk. Music has a powerful ability to elevate mood and boost endorphins. Dancing and moving your body is a plus!
  • Be in nature - Because of season changes, it can be hard to stick to a routine of being outside, but fresh air and sunlight are some of the best things for mood boosting. Short walks after meals are great. You can also opt to eat your lunch outside if the weather is nice. Sunlight helps the body to produce vitamin D which supports the immune system and has been shown to combat the effects of depression!
  • Remember to show appreciation - Not all mood management is about combating the hard emotions. Remember when you are grateful, happy, appreciated, loved, etc. and be sure to thank those that help spur on positive emotions throughout your day. Don't forget to share the love! Leave someone an unexpected note, pay for a stranger's morning coffee, or strive to do some other random act of kindness each day. It makes you feel good!

Start a gratitude journal - Simply write down 3 things every morning that you are thankful for in your life. You can even just do this in your phone by texting it to yourself or keeping it in your notes app. Starting your day from a place of gratitude can shift your outlook on the whole day.

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