• WELCOME to the Master Your Metabolism Challenge!

    Are you ready?? It’s not about losing weight - it is about feeling your best!!💜 More energy, better sleep, less sugar cravings and just get healthy (ier)??? This is the challenge for YOU:)


    Here is a quick review of what you’ll need to get started:
    1. Be sure your workbook is printed and review what we will be covering in this challenge. You can find the workbook here:
    2. Review this shopping list for food items you will need for the week and plan ahead so you are prepared for success!
    3. Calculate your daily water intake and write it on each page of your daily checklist so you can keep track!
    4. Make your Zendocrine Roller (which we will talk about in a Live on Day 1) for application 2x per day!
    5. Put your supplements out in a spot where you will see them daily to remind yourself to take them! Some great places are near your coffee/tea pot, your bathroom counter or next to the kitchen sink!
    6. Throw away or get rid of things you want to avoid during these next 10 days such as alcohol, soda, sugar and processed foods so you are not tempted to binge.




    Here is what you will find in this challenge:

    - Ready to FEEL Amazing!?!? Here is your Shipping List:)

    - Post #1.0 - Welcome to the Challenge

    - Post #1.1 - Goal Setting & Vitality Assessment

    - Post #2.0 - Challenge Overview

    - Post #2.1 - Getting Quality Rest

    - Pot #3.0 - Daily Overview

    - Post #3.1 - When Cravings Strike

    - Post #4.0 - Daily Overview

    - Post #4.1 - The Power of Adaptiv

    - Post #5.0 - Daily Overview & Routines

    - Post #5.1 - You are What you Eat

    - Post #6.0 - The Importance of Self Talk

    - Post #6.1 - Are Personal Care Products Affecting Your Weight?

    - Post #7.0 - Check In

    - Post #7.1 - Slim & Sassy Body Wrap

    - Post #8.0 - Reflection

    - Post #8.1 - Love Your Liver

    - Post #9.0 - Let's Celebrate & Dance

    - Post #9.1 - What's in Your Water?

    - Post #10.0 - Wrap Up

    - Post #10.1 - Final Vitality Assessment & What Now


    Make sure you have all the items for the challenge (found in the workbook) and go through the posts. Here we go:)


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    Essential Oil Educator

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